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PM 200-2 R – Newest generation of formation rehabilitation

The PM 200-2 R is the newest formation rehabilitation machine with integrated ballast recycling currently in operation in Europe. It is the first machine which offers the option of washing the ballast, which has been pre-cleaned using finger and vibrating screens, in the case of extremely cohesive ground conditions. This is carried out by means of a closed-loop water circuit within the machine. The ballast and earthen subgrade are removed using 2 excavating chains. Installation of the formation layer and the cleaned, recycled ballast, which is washed if necessary, is also carried out in one operation, adding new ballast as filler ballast. The integrated tamping unit is used to tamp the rehabilitated track, which can be driven over at 70 km/h.
Performance ø in 12 hours 400 m
Max. performance per hour 110 m
Ballast Excavation Chain - Capacity 300 m³/h
Excavation width 4.200 - 6.000 mm
Subgrade Excavation Chain - Capacity 800 m³/h
Excavation width 4.050 - 6.600 mm
Excavation depth max. 1.200 mm
Installation height, gravel/sand max. 500 mm
Installation height, track formation layer 300 mm
Material supply (backwards) BA 255
Evacuation (to the front) MFS 1000