Rosenheim - Freilassing (DB boundary) project

Supplementary information on the route 5703 Rosenheim - Freilassing construction project
Construction phase 10: Traunstein - Übersee phase from km 52,690 - km 43,067
Construction phase 20: Traunstein - Teisendorf phase from km 64,098 - km 67,817
Construction phase 30: Traunstein station track 8 (330 m) and track 5b (70 m) phase
Construction phases 40 and 50: Traunstein station points W1, W2, W3
W4, W8, W9, W10, W14; W16; W18 renewal phase

Deutsche Bahn AG, southern branch, Freilassing network region

Construction period:
26.04.2011 - 15.07.2011
Shift capacity PM 1000 URM: 1030 m

Overall conversion length: 13,517 m
Old type of permanent way: W60-1667-B70 and K60-1667-HH
New type of permanent way: W60-1667-B70

The complete data are available for downloading as a PDF.