PM 200-1 BR/C

Formation rehabilitation
in modular design

The PM 200-1 BR/C is a machine for formation rehabilitation in modular design. This machine can be optionally used to completely renew ballast, clean ballast or produce grade 2 mixture from existing, old ballast in combination with track-bound formation rehabilitation. The PM 200-1 BR/C can be used in periods of possession of 7 hours and over. For more information, please download the PDF data sheet.

Formation rehabilitation with complete renewal – PM 200-1 – Basic module

Removal of ballast which cannot be recycled/cleaned and removal of the subgrade. Installation of new or externally recycled ballast and new formation layer in one operation.

Formation rehabilitation with ballast cleaning: Removal of the old ballast and cleaning using the RM module – PM 200-1BR

Removal of the subgrade, installation of new formation layer and the cleaned ballast in one operation.

Formation rehabilitation with ballast recycling to form formation layer material – PM 200-1BR/C

Removal of the ballast using the RM module. Ballast crushing using the conical crusher and mixing with new material to form the formation layer. The new ballast is installed in a separate operation.

complete renewalBR with PSSRC
Performance ø in 12 hours220 m330 m400 m
Max. performance per hour30 m45 m60 m
Ballast Excavation Chain - Capacity 100 cbm/h135 cbm/h
Excavation width 4.000 - 4.400 mm4.000 - 4.400 mm
Subgrade Excavation Chain - Capacity250 cbm/h350 cbm/h450 cbm/h
Excavation width4.200 - 6.000 mm4.200 - 6.000 mm4.200 - 6.000 mm
Excavation depth max.1.200 mm1.200 mm1.200 mm
Installation height, gravel/sand max.500 mm500 mm500 mm
Installation height, track formation layer300 mm300 mm300 mm
Material supply (backwards)BA 255BA 255BA 255
Evacuation (to the front)MFS 40/100MFS 40/100MFS 40/100

The additional modules
of the PM 200-1

The cleaning module of the PM 200-1 BR and the crusher module of the PM 200-1 BR/C

cleaning module
crusher module
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