Project Orlamünde-Rudolstadt

and opposite direction

Supplementary information on the GE/PSS/TE route 6305 Orlamünde – Rudolstadt and opposite direction construction project from km 55,070 to km 52,536 and km 56,495 – km 60,915

Deutsche Bahn AG, south-western branch, Saalfeld network region

Construction period:
31.03.2011 – 22.04.2011
Shift capacity PM 1000 URM: 705 m
Daily capacity PM 1000 URM: 1350 m

Overall conversion length: 6954 m
Old type of permanent way: KS49-1667-Bs66, KS49-HH-1667 and KS54-1667-Bs66
New type of permanent way: W60-1667-B70

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