MFS 120/100/40/45

Supply material and
transport the excavated material away

The material conveyor and hopper units serve both to supply material and to transport the excavated material away without using the adjacent track. Loading is carried out using a wheel loader or excavator via a loading station or directly into the MFS. The excavated material is unloaded to temporary storage sites or onto K wagons via swivelling conveyor belts.

MFS 120MFS 100MFS 40MFS 45
Length over buffers22,90 m22,90 m18,30 m17,94 m
Total weight62,00 t51,00 t37,00 t50,00 t
Operating weight max.180,00 t144,00 t93,00 t107,50 t
Volumetric capacity120 cbm100 cbm40 cbm45 cbm
Loose material70 cbm64 cbm32 cbm38 cbm
Pivoting range5,61 m5,40 m4,35 m4,50 m
MFS 100
MFS 40
MFS 45
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