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AHM 800 R

The AHM 800-R is used on sections in which grade 2 mixture is installed. It is able to remove the ballast with the ballast excavating chain, crush it on the machine, mix it with new material and re-install it as a formation layer/frost layer. Installation of the new ballast is carried out in a separate operation.
Performance ø in 12 hours 300 m
Max. performance per hour 60 m
Ballast Excavation Chain – Capacity 300 m³/h
Excavation width 4.000 - 4.600 mm
Subgrade Excavation Chain – Capacity 500 m³/h
Excavation width 4.030 - 6.000 mm
Excavation depth max. 1.390 mm
Installation height, gravel/sand max. 500 mm
Installation height, track formation layer 300 mm
Material supply (backwards) Containerwagen
  (12 oder 24 m³)
Evacuation (to the front) MFS 100